3 days

To go an essential course is the most effective way to get on the road with using SOLIDWORKS. The software is simple to learn by your own but there is an imminent risk that the user does not use” correct” tools. This condensed course gives the experienced 3D user a solid base to fast come up to speed with a successful work in SOLIDWORKS. During the course the SolidEngineers certified teacher shows how to solve design tasks and the course participants then exercising on similar tasks. This condensed essential course has a very high pace that requires that you have used 3D before. The course is taking place in 3 days and has same content that essential course on 5 days but with smaller time for exercises and faster theory reviews.

The objective of the course
You will as experienced 3D users learn how to create parts, assemblies and drawings in SOLIDWORKS in an efficient way and with SOLIDWORKS as tools. After the course, you can carry out design tasks in SOLIDWORKS in an efficient way during the daily work.

To each course section is several exercises that represent typical design- and modeling tasks. During the course, we work with the tasks on site. Different participant works in different pace so the course contains more exercises than the participants is expected to complete. That guarantees that also the most effective participant will not run out off exercises.

Course Design Philosophy
The course is organized according to a process- or task-based approach to training. Instead of focusing on functions in the software we look at the process and procedure that will help you solve a task. Through completing design tasks you come to learn the necessary commands, options and menus.

Course materials
The course material comprises two books on in all approximately 900 sides. The books are on English and are richly illustrated in order to increase the learning speed.

In order to participate to this course you should:
• have experience of Window and one or several modern 3D-CAD systems
• have completed the” SOLIDWORKS Tutorials” Lesson 1-3 that is in the” Help” - menu in SOLIDWORKS.


• Part Modeling
• Symmetry, Pattern
• Revolved Features
• SimulationXpress
• Assembly Modeling
• Using Assemblies
• Configurations
• Drawing Views, Dimensions
• Symbols, notes, blocks
• Bill of Materials and Tables
• Templates and options

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