SOLIDWORKS Essentials 3 days

By quickly getting up to speed, as well as using best modeling practices, the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course ultimately ensures maximum efficiency and productivity for all SOLIDWORKS users.
New CAD users, seasoned users of other CAD systems and veteran SOLIDWORKS users can all benefit from Essentials training.

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    Extend & Price

    During the course SolidEngineers certified teachers show how to solve design tasks and the participants also get similar task as excercise. This condensed essential course has a very high pace that requires that participants have used 3D before. The course is a 3 day course and covers the same areas as the 5 day course, but with smaller time for exercises and faster theory reviews. The price is 16 500 sek.

    The objective of the course

    After compleated the course you are able to create parts, assemblies, and drawings in a effective way using the right tools in SOLIDWORKS. After this course you are able to handle daily work at a construction- or design department.


    To each course section is several exercises that represent typical design- and modeling tasks. During the training, we work with the tasks on site. Since every participant works differently, we have made sure that we have a lot of relevant examples and a wide variety of excercises during the course.

    Course design and philosophy

    The course is organized according to a process- or task-based approach to training. Instead of focusing on functions in the software we look at the process and procedure that will help you solve a task. Through completing design tasks you come to learn the necessary commands, options and menus.

    Course Material

    The course material consists of two books in english.


    In order to participate to this course you should have experience of Windows and one or several modern 3D-CAD systems. Also good to have completed the” SOLIDWORKS Tutorials” Lesson 1-3 which can be found in the” Help” – menu in SOLIDWORKS.


    SOLIDWORKS Essentials contains among other things

    • Part Modeling
    • Symmetry, Pattern
    • Revolved Features
    • SimulationXpress
    • Assembly Modeling


    SOLIDWORKS Essentials

    • Detta fält används för valideringsändamål och ska lämnas oförändrat.

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    Helen Holmgren utbildningsansvarig SOLIDWORKS Visualize

    Questions about courses

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding our courses. On top of our ordinary courses we provide special courses that are custom made to fit your specific needs!

    / Helene Holmgren, Responsible of Education