Terms & Conditions

1. General
SolidEngineer sell 3D printers with accessories for delivery within Sweden as well as Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
You agree that your order is an offer to buy the Product(s) listed in your order under these Terms and Conditions. All orders must then be accepted by us. We may choose not to accept orders in our sole discretion and notably abnormal orders or orders which we suspect are not placed in good faith. We are not required to provide a reason for declining to accept any order, though may do so in our sole discretion. After having received your order, if we accept it, we will send you an order confirmation by email with your order number and details of the Product(s) you have ordered.
Conclusion of the contract will take place the moment you receive the order confirmation email.
SolidEngineer shall not be held responsible for delayed delivery, technical issues or incorrect product information. We do not guarantee the availability of any Product(s) in the Online Store.

SolidEngineer will keep the ownership of the delivered equipment until the final payment has been made.

2. Prices and payment
All prices are shown in Swedish crown (SEK), moms (VAT) and shipping is excluded.
The price charged for a Product will be the price in effect at the time the order is placed and will be set out in the order confirmation email.
We may change prices at any time without notice. Price increases will only apply to orders placed after such changes.
Prices do not include charges for shipping and handling. Payment is done through invoice (20 days). All payments will be subject to security checks. Therefore, our services may contact you to confirm your order information and order details such as proof of address, proof of address in the name of the person indicated for the delivery address etc. If payment is late, SolidEngineer has the right to charge penalty interest rate and a reminder charge.
Errors in invoices from SolidEngineer must be claimed by the due date. If the complaint is not made in time, the defect can not be asserted against SolidEngineer.
If there is reasonable doubt regarding the customer’s ability to pay, SolidEngineer has the right to reduce the credit period, require prepayment or other security for future deliveries.

3. Package tracking
Once the order is sent from SolidEngineer customer receives delivery notification via email.

4. Deliveries
The delivery time may vary. When ordering a preliminary delivery time is given. We do not guarantee delivery on any given day and delays in delivery can occur. For packages which are not picked up by customer SolidEngineer hold the right to charge the customer for return shipping and handling fee, currently 1300 SEK.

5. Transport damage
The customer shall upon receipt check the delivered products. Transport damage should be
reported to SolidEngineer and the conveyor on the day of arrival. Damages which are not discovered on arrival should be reported at shortest notice, in any event within one week of receipt of the delivery. If the customer does not complain about damage in transit within the given deadlines, customer loses the right to make any claim against the carrier and SolidEngineer.

6. Complaints
The customer should check the product upon receipt/delivery. If a product/delivery is faulty, the customer should immediately after discovered the error – but no later than 10 days from the invoice date – complain about the failure to SolidEngineer (phone +46 8 54473020), and on certain specified way, return the product. The customer will receive a return form for a free shipping to SolidEngineer.

7. Warranty
Markforged 3D printers bought by SolidEngineer comes with a 1-year warranty. During warranty, faulty parts are replaced by new or renovated parts. Work time is free of charge first 3 months of warranty period. After that we charge the current hourly rate

Spare parts and service work comes with a 3 months warranty – calculated from the date of delivery. During warranty period we provide email support with answer guaranteed within 2-5 days depending on which service package is bought.
The warranty and SolidEngineer service and support agreement requires that fiber material from the supplier has been used, maintenance routines from the supplier followed and that equipment is not dismantled in an abnormal manner towards the maintenance routine that comes with the equipment.

8. Producer responsibility
SolidEngineer is connected to “Elkretsen” which comes with a responsibility for handling batteries and electronics in an environmentally friendly way. See http://www.el-kretsen.se/kundinformation/producentansvar-weee-produkter/.
Utilization of warranty »

9. Personal Information
SolidEngineer keeps records of customers and users who have registered or purchased any goods from SolidEngineer. The register contains personal data such as name, organizational no, address, phone number, e-mail address, delivery, payment and purchasing data, profiling based on the address and on the use of our digital services.
The information is used by SolidEngineer for billing and delivery of products, marketing, statistics and product development. Personal information is disclosed to authorities only when required by law or official order.

10. Applicable law
Swedish law shall apply to this terms and conditions.

11. Force Majeure
SolidEngineer is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by circumstances beyond SolidEngineer control, such as war-like events, insurrection and civil commotion, interruption in public relations, export and import restrictions, legal settlement or other impositions of authority in Sweden or abroad, strike, lockout, blockades, fire, explosion or other accident, or for errors or delays in services from subcontractors due to the aforementioned circumstances.

12. Other
SolidEngineer reserves the right to change all information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications and product offerings without prior notice. Information and prices provided with reservation for printing and typing errors, inaccuracies of stated technical specifications, suppliers’ price increases and sold outs.
The information provided on the SolidEngineer website do not give any warranty of usability, suitability or warranty other than where it is directly specified. SolidEngineer reserves the right at any time to change these Terms and Conditions.